Sneaker Bot Start-Up 101

Sneaker arbitrage is all about purchasing popular releases of sneakers when top brands such as Nike drop them for sale. The goal is to purchase limited-edition kicks or when there is a sale. Once acquired the sneakers can be resold on auction websites or other eCommerce platforms.

To do this, you need a sneaker bot on your windows machine or virtual private server. Sneaker bots allow you to purchase from multiple retailers at one time.

The driving force behind these purchases is of course sneaker bot proxies.

Is Sneaker Arbitrage Legal?

At SneakerNode we get this question asked a lot. The truth is purchasing large quantities of sneakers is not illegal but can be looked down upon by brands and the community. Those special releases are supposed to be for individuals and not for single entities that want to make a profit.

Purchasing is where you have to make sure you’re being legal.

By that, we mean that you must use virtual credit cards that are 100% compliant with federal regulations and where the money on them was funded by you. The sneaker proxies you use must come from optin sources where people agreed to work with the proxy provider.

Using suspiciously cheap proxies generally means they’re sourced illegally using botnets.

Poor decision-making while choosing a proxy partner, bot maker, or card provider can cause you to drift over into the illegal space. Make sure your vendors are 100% compliant with local laws.

Everything else is completely legal!

The Purpose Of A Sneaker Bot

Brands that you’re familiar with like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and New Balance are smart and use automated systems to complete transactions for consumers. This makes the process of ordering easy for those buyers, but with automation comes the ability to exploit it.

It’s a sneaker bot’s job to manipulate the purchasing process and mimic a real buyer.

To accomplish this, sneakerheads can’t subscribe to bots as a service, have a bot custom programmed, or use anti detect browsers that require manual shopping.

Just remember that a sneaker bot relies on quality nodes to work well.

Websites today are complex, and their checkout process usually has fraud systems in place to monitor incoming traffic. Abused data center proxies and residential proxies poorly sourced will cause even the best bot to fail during the checkout because it will be flagged as suspicious activity.

That’s why clients use a dedicated sneaker bot proxy seller like SneakerNode to get the job done right.

Cost Allowance For Sneaker Bots

There are two basic ways of going about starting with sneaker arbitrage. You can simply purchase a subscription to a sneaker bot that appeals to the general masses or have one custom-coded by a windows programmer.

That means hiring someone from Upwork with knowledge of C or C++.

Custom-coded sneaker bots can work better but will run you $500+ for great programs. Remember, you will want to keep your programmer because it will require updating if sneaker brands change their checkout process in the future.

Sneaker bot proxies come at a starting price of $17 per month and scale with your business.

To start you’re looking at about
$200 for a noob-friendly setup. For advanced bots, $700+ is the norm.

Where Do I Start?

If you’re just getting started with sneaker arbitrage, then we recommend visiting this subreddit.

Next, you can pick up a package at SneakerNode for the cost of a couple of coffees and start learning how to cop sneakers. Once you pick a purchase successfully then your job is to learn how to sell them and start building customer email lists for promotional purposes.