How Much Do Sneaker Proxies Cost?

When you first set out to start copping sneakers one question comes to mind, how much do sneaker proxies cost? We are assuming you have already purchased a sneaker bot or seeing how proxies work with one before you set out on your journey.

Not all sneaker proxies are the same and with that comes different pricing models.

We can understand that at times it seems confusing with terms like unlimited bandwidth, rollover data, unlimited threads, and whatever else miscellaneous hyperbole floating in the sneaker space. It’s our goal to simplify these industry terms and help you make an informed decision.

Let’s take a look at a couple of pricing models.

Unlimited Bandwidth / Pay Per Proxy

You rarely see unlimited bandwidth being offered for residential sneaker proxies. While it may seem economically beneficial to go with an unlimited package it also has scaling issues. With the unlimited model, you can use the proxies as much as you want.

Here’s the catch.

You must pay per proxy. That is absolutely no issue if you just want 2-3 proxies, but what happens when several sneakers drop and you want the ability to have 500 nodes at your disposal?

Targeting multiple countries at one time and making hundreds of requests just becomes unfeasible with the unlimited bandwidth proxy plans. Because there’s no restriction on the bandwidth it also allows nefarious parties to abuse the proxies which hinder the speed of the sneaker proxies.

Unlimited Threads / Pay Per GB

This is the sneaker proxy model that SneakerNode utilizes and for several good reasons. You never have to ask yourself “how much do sneaker proxies cost” because you have unlimited access to over 140 countries and a million or so more nodes.

Even on the smallest package for $17.00 you get this level of access.

Instead of paying per sneaker proxy you only pay for the bandwidth you use while connecting to make purchases for sneakers. This pricing strategy gives clients the ability to scale up quickly when sneakers drop but not incur an unnecessary cost when speakers aren’t dropping.

Because people pay based on the gigabytes they use, you can expect higher speeds and less abuse.

For SneakerNode this pricing system was a no-brainer as it offers the most flexibility in terms of scaling and gives our clients the highest speeds. Spammers know they cannot abuse a single node by pumping bandwidth through each thread and that results in a better purchasing experience.

Bandwidth Saver (Rollover data)

SneakerNode is an industry leader in the sneaker proxy space by offering a bandwidth saver model. As long as you’re subscribed to the service you can keep the bandwidth you do not use.

This is a massive innovation for sneakerheads.

It allows you to purchase bandwidth knowing that if you do not use it until the next sneaker drop you will not lose it. Your subscription bandwidth rolls over to the next month and you keep what bandwidth you paid for during your subscription period.

Sneaker drops can be chaotic.

At SneakerNode We firmly believe that your proxy partner should scale with your business and be there even in times when things are slow. You should not lose what you paid for just because there are not enough sneaker drops at the current time.

So How Much Do Sneaker Proxies Cost?

You only need a sneaker bot and $17 to get started with SneakerNode. Browsing and purchasing sneakers do not use that much bandwidth. That is why a 1GB package is enough to test the water and purchase your first sneakers.

As you scale up so do our packages which you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

When you stay subscribed to SneakerNode you keep what bandwidth you do not use. This allows you to wait in confidence for the next sneaker drop without losing your wallet to high costs.

Go ahead, give it a spin with our trial, and most importantly start copping those kicks!